When should I book my session?

Are you kidding? It's time to seize the moment! Don't wait another second—book that session NOW and let the revolution begin! Your journey to unapologetic sensuality awaits, so don't let another year of waiting for "when" to pass. The time is NOW, so let's make magic together!

As our calendar fills up quickly, we highly recommend booking your session as soon as possible, preferably at least 6+ months in advance. This will ensure you secure your desired date and allow ample time for the magic to unfold. And trust us, the anticipation will only make it sweeter. So, don't wait a moment longer—book now and meet your inner goddess!

Which days of the week do you shoot sessions?

Our creative adventures unfold on Tuesdays and Thursdays—those are the days we reserve for capturing the art of you. However, if you're craving a session on a different day, fret not! We can accommodate your desire for a personalized experience with an additional fee of $400. After all, we're all about making dreams come true. So, let's work together to create the perfect day for you.

Do I need to find my own Hair & Makeup artist?

Not a chance! We've got your back, or should we say, your beautiful face! Our talented Hair and Makeup artist team is here to work their magic and create a look that will leave you feeling like a celestial being. They are masters of their craft, ensuring you're picture-perfect from every angle. You deserve the royal treatment, and our team is committed to pampering you throughout the entire day. So, sit back, relax, and let us unleash your allure.

What should I bring?

Darling, all you need to bring is your fierce and fabulous self! As soon as you lock your session in, you'll receive your Prep guide that tells you exactly what to have on hand. We've got an exquisite Client Closet comprising over 400 pieces, ranging from sizes XS to 6X, in various colors and styles. However, if you have a particular piece that speaks to your soul, feel free to bring it along. We'll collaborate to curate 3-5 sensational looks, blending your personal touch with our impeccable offerings. It's time to ignite the fire within and unleash your seductive power.

Will you help me pose?

Absolutely, doll! We're your personal guiding lights on this enchanting journey. Throughout your session, Ashley will provide expert guidance and instruction from head to toe. We won't leave you hanging or guessing. With live demonstrations, stunning visual references, and unwavering support, we'll ensure you exude confidence and grace in every pose. We'll capture your most seductive angles and reveal the irresistible allure that lies within.

Do I need to be nude?

Your comfort and empowerment are our top priorities. We respect and celebrate your individual boundaries. While nudity can be a transformative experience, we understand that it may not be for everyone. Our studio is a sanctuary where you're free to express yourself within your comfort level. Whether you prefer demure and flirty or bold and daring, we have poses and wardrobe options that cater to your desires. This is your journey of self-discovery, and we'll support you every step of the way.

I have an image I want to recreate; can I?

Absolutely, queen! We adore your creative vision and are all about bringing your dreams to life. If you have a specific pose you'd like to recreate, we're more than happy to make it a reality. However, if you have a specific image or theme in mind, our Custom Session Add-on is perfect for transforming your vision into an extraordinary reality. The Custom Session Add-on starts at $500+, and its price is determined by the complexity of your desired concept. To explore this enchanting possibility, reach out to our team via email, and let's make your dream come true!

Who can come with me to my session?

We understand that having support during your session is essential. However, we've created a sacred space filled with positive energy, therapeutic conversations, and a whole lot of sexy fun. To ensure your experience remains intimate and focused, we kindly request that no additional individuals accompany you to the studio or during the reveal process. Rest assured, our team will be there every step of the way, serving as your trusted confidantes and ultimate hype girls.

I'm a nursing mother, how do I handle that?

While we can't offer for baby to be present the whole experience, someone is welcome to bring babe to you for nursing. Or should you choose to pump, we have a small fridge to keep your liquid gold fresh!

When will I get to see my images?

Honey, we know you're eagerly waiting to feast your eyes on your captivating gallery. And guess what? The wait is over! At the end of our unforgettable session, you'll be treated to the exhilarating experience of seeing your fully edited and retouched gallery. With over 40 breathtaking images, you'll be mesmerized by your radiant beauty. No more anxious anticipation—embrace the thrill of same-day revelations and prepare to be blown away!

Do you have a referral program?

We absolutely do! We believe in the power of connections and the magic of personal referrals. When you refer a friend or loved one who books and completes a boudoir session with us, you'll earn $100 CASH or $400 in studio credit as our token of appreciation. It's our way of saying thank you for being a part of our extraordinary tribe. To learn more about our referral program and secure your uniquely generated referral code, simply reach out to us via email. Let's spread the revolution together!

What if I'm not local to Arizona?

Distance is no match for our passion and dedication! We proudly offer travel services and on-location sessions to accommodate clients from all corners of the globe. Whether you reside in California, Utah, Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, Texas, or beyond, we're here to make your dreams a reality. Additionally, we've curated exceptional accommodations conveniently located near our studio, ensuring your journey to self-discovery is seamless and unforgettable. Don't let geography limit your desire to shine—you're always welcome here.

How much should I budget for this?

Investing in yourself is a priceless experience that transcends monetary value. Our commitment to providing the finest quality and luxury products drives our selection process. We offer various products and packages tailored to your specific needs, with collection prices starting at $2800, however most clients choose to invest between $3500-$6500. The choice of what to purchase is entirely yours, and we're here to guide you towards the perfect selection. To make this extraordinary experience even more accessible, we offer prepayment plans and the convenience of PayPal Credit. Remember, love, you are worth every single penny.

Should I tip the team?

While your appreciation is always cherished, tipping is entirely optional. Our team pours their hearts and souls into creating a transformative experience for you, and if you choose to express your gratitude monetarily, we are beyond grateful. It's customary to tip your hair and makeup artist, as they work their magic to enhance your radiance. While tipping your photographer is a newer trend, it's not expected. We're here to elevate your journey, and your satisfaction and happiness are our ultimate rewards.

I am READY! Now what?

Yasssss, queen, we're thrilled to embark on this exhilarating adventure with you! To kickstart the magic, simply click the link below and be transported to our contact page. Fill out the message form, and within 48 business hours, our team will reach out to schedule a call with Ashley. This call will allow us to share more about our offerings, get to know each other better, and ensure we create an experience that is tailored to your desires. Get ready to shine, love—we can't wait to reveal the goddess within you.

I don't want my images shared, is that ok?

Absolutely, babe! Your privacy is paramount, and we deeply respect your decision. We will never share your images without your explicit consent and overflowing excitement. We understand that personal, professional, or individual preferences may influence your desire to keep your images private. Our commitment to confidentiality is unwavering, and we honor your choices with utmost reverence. Your stunning portraits will remain exclusively yours to cherish.

How old do I need to be to book a shoot?

18+ AND out of highschool!

I am differently abled, can you accommodate me?

Absolutely yes! We work with ALL bodies and are excited to help make you feel beautiful.